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Ramirez, Francisco O. (Author)

Date Author Title Tags
2010 Accounting for Excellence: Transforming Universities Into Organizational Actors
2013-08 Conditional Decoupling Assessing the Impact of National Human Rights Institutions
2016 Education, Gender and Development
2010 Human rights in Social Science Textbooks: Cross-National Analyses, 1970-2008
2017-10-12 International Tests, National Assessments, and Educational Development: 1970-2012
2009 National Incorporation of global Human rights: Worldwide Expansion of national Human rights Organizations, 1966-2004
2017 The Rise of Individual Agency in Conceptions of Society: Textbooks Worldwide, 1950-2011
2009 The Valorization of Humanity and Diversity
2017 Wither the Nation-State? A Comparative Analysis of Nationalism in Textbooks
2016 World Society and the Globalization of Educational Policy
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