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Han, Hyemin (Author)

Date Author Title Tags
2014 Analysing Theoretical Frameworks of Moral Education through Lakatos's Philosophy of Science
2014-02 Cultural Influences on the Neural Correlate of Moral Decision Making Processes
2013 Exploring the Relationship between Virtue Ethics and Moral Identity
2016 How can Neuroscience contribute to Moral Philosophy, Psychology and Education based on Aristotelian Virtue Ethics?
2013 Improving Epistemological Beliefs and Moral Judgment Through an STS-Based Science Ethics Education Program
2016 Influence of the Cortical Midline Structures on Moral Emotion and Motivation in Moral Decision-Making
2015 Purpose as a Moral Virtue for Flourishing
2014 Virtue Ethics, Positive Psychology, and New Model of Science and Engineering Ethics Education
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