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digital literacy

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2022-07-28 Civic Online Reasoning Across the Curriculum: Developing and Testing the Efficacy of Digital Literacy Lessons
2019-12-04 Civic Online Reasoning: Curriculum Evaluation
2022-09-27 Civic Preparation for the Digital Age: How College Students Evaluate Online Sources about Social and Political Issues
2020-10-21 Educating for Misunderstanding: How Approaches to Teaching Digital Literacy Make Students Susceptible to Scammers, Rogues, Bad Actors, and Hate Mongers
2021-11-04 Preparing College Students for a Digital Age: A Survey of Instructional Approaches to Spotting Misinformation
2019-11-23 SHEG Research Note: Dot-Orgs and Hate Groups
2019-11-14 Students' Civic Online Reasoning: A National Portrait
2021-04-07 Students’ Civic Online Reasoning: A National Portrait
2016 Why Historical Thinking is Not about History
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