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Wineburg, Sam (Author)

Date Author Title Tags
2012-05 Beyond the Bubble: New History/Social Studies Assessments for the Common Core
2019-12-04 Civic Online Reasoning: Curriculum Evaluation
2006-12 Common Belief and the Cultural Curriculum: An Intergenerational Study of Historical Consciousness
2014-10-07 Crazy for History
2014-12-06 Disciplinary Literacy in History: A Toolkit for Digital Citizenship
2020-10-21 Educating for Misunderstanding: How Approaches to Teaching Digital Literacy Make Students Susceptible to Scammers, Rogues, Bad Actors, and Hate Mongers
2015-09 Formative Assessment Using Library of Congress Documents
2018 History Assessments of Thinking: A Validity Study
2018-07-28 Lateral Reading and the Nature of Expertise: Reading Less and Learning More When Evaluating Digital Information
2012-08 New Directions in Assessment: Using Library of Congress Sources to Assess Historical Understanding


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